"In 2013, the company started a process to create a new unit in the nearby parish of Pedome, which will allow the optimization of the production process through a new layout, improvements in energy consumption and water resources, with improved environmental performance and reduction of production times."

"The implementation of this project will enable Facol to reach its strategic objectives in a sustainable manner and, in the same way, to achieve the mission that it has outlined for its activity in the sector of activity in which it operates with high levels of competition: stand out in the high quality of its products and a service of excellence. In addition to its priority in generating added value and providing solutions with the highest quality standards for its customers, the Company also focuses its attention on the sustainability of the business, materializing this approach through the concern of the impact of its productive process in the environment. This project will allow a significant saving in energy, guaranteeing the sustainability in the use of resources. "


why choose us?

FACOL is a leading company in the field of textile yarn dyeing. We strive To find and offer the best solutions for our customers.

Our Mission.

Provide the best service in the field of yarn Dyeing and Bleaching, being a reference in the quality and constantly updating in response to the needs of the clients.


Recognized for its high quality of service and meeting deadlines, Facol intends to consolidate its position in the market, guaranteeing a service of excellence and continuous modernization.



"Since 2003, Facol holds the ISO 9001 quality certificate, which it renews annually. This certification process allowed for a reorganization of Facol's work systems and processes. Facol was the first independent Yarn Dyeing Company in Portugal to be certified for the dyeing of organic textiles by GOTS (certificate nº C812329GOTS-02.2012), the only international entity to certify this type of procedure. This certificate allows the company to integrate into the production chain of organic textiles, with increasing demand and appreciation in the market. "

"Facol is certified by OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 CLASS 1 whose objective is to reach products that are free of harmfu substances l to human health. Promotes environmental excellence through EU ECOLABEL in the identification of products and services that have an environmental impact and acts in accordance with the EU REACH adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment against the risks that may represent chemicals products"


"Facol is specialized in an intermediate phase of the textile chain (dyeing), offering a wide range of services and clearly distinguishing itself from the competition by dyeing any type of yarn and fiber (more than 100 varieties of cotton yarn , polyester, viscose, lyocel, linen, lycra and fiber blends), constantly seeking to evolve and improve their manufacturing processes and the quality of its final product."

"Facol is also engaged in the sale of dyed textile yarns for the Textile Industry and complements its offer with Winding, Paraffinization and Twisting services. They also have at their disposal a series of specific treatments, such as Fire-retardant treatment and repellent treatment, which respectively increase the fire resistance and impermeability of textile yarns. Also noteworthy is the availability for multicolor dyeing"